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EMV “Chip” Cards 
As you may have heard in the news, October 1st marks the day that merchants (retailers) must be able to accept EMV or Chip cards.   If merchants do not comply by this date, they could be held liable for fraudulent transactions when the consumer is using a card that has a chip embedded in it.  The chip in each card is essentially a micro-computer that is used to authenticate the transaction and essentially make it harder for counterfeit cards to be produced.  New Market Bank is working towards offering chip cards; however they most likely will not be available until early 2016 as the card processing company being used is still in the testing and final approval stages.  Not having a card with a chip will not affect your ability to conduct a transaction as merchants’ machines will still be able to use the stripe on the back of the cards without chips.  As we get closer to introducing chip cards, more information will be made available and will be communicated to you.   
Business Debit Card 
Debit Cards allow convenient access to your business account at millions of merchants.  Business Debit Cards gives you additional options for controlled access to your account for all your purchasing needs.  
Business Debit Cards also allow more financial control with transactions showing within minutes of any purchase.  Add Online Banking access and be connected to your account 24/7. 
MasterCard Savings Program 
Save on fuel, maintenance, travel and much more by simply selecting "Credit" when using your Business Debit Card at thousands of retailers nationwide.  Visit MasterCard Easy Savings to find out more, and register for additional savings FREE! 
The savings will automatically appear as a rebate on your statement, just remember to select “Credit” when making purchases at the participating retailers. 
Reporting Lost or Stolen Debit Cards 
Immediately call 866-546-8273 to cancel your card and protect your account.   
Then contact New Market Bank at 952-469-1600 during business hours to reorder your Debit Card. 
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