Change in Debit Card Processor Could Lead to Declined Transactions

We are in the process of switching our debit card processing vendor.  This switch will happen in the early morning hours of Monday, October 28th.  During the first 30 days with the new debit card processor, customers could experience legitimate transactions being declined.  

It is very important that we have your up to date cell phone number and email address.  In the case of possible fraud, the new processor will attempt to contact you via text, email, and/or phone call to verify the transaction.  If we do not have your most up to date information they may not be able to contact you regarding possible fraudulent transactions.  As a result, your legitimate transactions will be declined and your debit card will be blocked.  If you receive a fraud alert via text, email, and/or phone and you respond immediately to the fraud alert your card will be immediately unblocked.  The fraud center is available 24/7, so you are available to respond to the text, email, or phone call any time of day.  

You can verify your phone number(s) and email address(es) by using our mobile app, online banking, calling the bank at 952-469-1600, or stopping by one of our branches.

With our new processor your PIN will stay the same, but there is a new method to reset your PIN.  On Monday, October 28th, and going forward you will need to call 888-891-2435 to reset your PIN.